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Turn negotiation into a secret weapon. Build an authentic, effective style to confidently tackle negotiations like contracts, partnerships & fundraises.


  • High-performing peer cohort
  • 4 live practice sessions
  • 4 live guest speaker sessions
  • 4 guest demos with Lucy Wark
  • 12+ hours of lessons
  • Take-home negotiations playbook
  • Official course certificate
  • 3 month access


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What People Are Saying:

The negotiation course is part professional enrichment, part therapy and incredibly valuable for anyone looking to be more effective in their professional communication. The course does a great job of grounding knowledge of negotiations in both theory and practical content, and helped me critically think through the way I approach almost any day to day communication.

James Hutchinson | Global Head of Business @ Sling & Stone

Lucy and team have crafted a stellar course which blends theory and lived experience perfectly. There are ample opportunities to practice novel / alternative negotiation skills and personas in a safe environment. Fuzzy have done an excellent job and I couldn't recommend the course enough!

Zachary Aw | Founder Associate @ Dovetail Finance

Lucy's course is a career accelerator for startup operators. Each week, it equips you to plan and dissect negotiations, blending solid theory with hands-on practice. It's all practical skills, no fluff, with the added benefit of community. This course has been transformative for how I approach negotiation, turning daunting deals and discussions into manageable challenges I can confidently face.

Laura Nicol | Chief of Staff @ Co Ventures

Fantastic course and you'll leave with your own internal toolkit of how to run negotiations in future - highly recommend!

Jono Herman | Co-Founder @ Earlywork