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Negotiation for Leaders & Operators

Turn negotiation into a secret weapon. Build an authentic, effective style to confidently tackle negotiations like contracts, partnerships & fundraises.

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Strategy & Structured Problem Solving

Tackle complex product problems with confidence. Learn to break down problems, make great strategic choices and build powerful narratives.

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Negotiating for Yourself 

Learn how to negotiate for yourself, find your style and discover tactics you can apply immediately. Become confident in negotiating job offers, raises, and more.

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Elise Peate


‚ÄúA lot of¬†actionable ūüíé and relatable¬†examples¬†from guest speakers...¬†Highly recommend¬†regardless of your area of expertise. ‚ÄĚ

Strategy & Structured Problem Solving

Expert360 | Mobilise Your Dream Team with Freelancers

Dan Hodgson

Strategy & Corporate Development

‚ÄúBiased towards learning by practice,¬†the course puts you in the driving seat on a range of complex negotiations ‚ÄĒ from M&A to fund raising to commercial partnerships.¬†Lucy and Harry have designed and facilitated a top notch course and I wouldn‚Äôt hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to level up their negotiation skills."

Negotiation for Leaders & Operators

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Diksha Dua

Product Manager

“My personal highlight has been the outstanding guest speakers who joined us each week ... I am so impressed and grateful to learn from such passionate product people."

Strategy & Structured Problem Solving

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Be recognised for your value

Get comfortable negotiating for what you deserve


Negotiating for Yourself

Become a confident negotiator. Find your personal style. Get a better deal.

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Grow your skills with practical, proven techniques


Fuzzy's programs are developed by experts who've been there, sharing tools that have been tested across roles and industries. 

We believe the talented, confident leaders we all aspire to are made, not born. Their skills can be learned. 

In each program, you'll learn proven techniques and approaches that you can apply to your work straight away. 


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Get the full story from the experts who've been there


You can grow by making every mistake yourself, or learning from experts who’ve made them already.

Get behind-the-scenes insights from world-class operators and leaders on the career skills they use every day.

In each program, you'll meet meet the experts and see them put their skills into action in demonstrations.


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Connect with your peers


Soft skills are social. Learn alongside incredible peer groups and connect with others in Fuzzy’s community.


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Discover your unique personal style and strengths


Great professionals don’t look or sound the same.

Use self-diagnostics and persona planning to develop an effective style that feels authentic to you.

Tackle your fears and find your strengths with the support of empathetic instructors who have been where you are.


Learn about negotiation
A student and three templates from Fuzzy's negotiating for yourself course

"Most incredible course I've taken; was 10x worth the money for me (even after the first week). I feel so much better equipped for real life now... From day 1 it was clear that this skill is probably the most valuable/ lucrative/ empowering skill I could develop."


Jessica Sacher - Co-Founder at Phage Directory

Negotiating for Yourself


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Jessica Sacher

Co-Founder at Phage Directory

"Most incredible course [Negotiation] I've taken; was 10x worth the money for me (even after the first week). I feel so much better equipped for real life now... From day 1 it was clear that this skill is probably the most valuable/ lucrative/ empowering skill I could develop. So excited to feel completely differently about negotiations now. I do not feel scared, I feel like it's all just a matter of preparation and leverage, and creativity, and getting practice over time. I learned it's ok to calm down and let my words sink in, to let there be quiet, and that people on the other side of the table are feeling probably just as vulnerable."

Jeff Zhao

Associate Product Manager at Lyka

"This course [Negotiation] strikes an excellent balance between theory and application. It not only teaches you negotiation strategies and tactics, but also how to develop your own unique style that capitalises on your individual strengths. Lucy and the amazing range of guest speakers help bring the theory to life by sharing their own experiences and shortcomings, and by breaking down many common misconceptions about negotiations. 10/10 would recommend this course to anyone!"