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Fuzzy 5: 12-Jan-2024

fuzzy 5
Fuzzy 5 for 12-Jan-2024


Every Friday we share our 5 favourite things we've read, saved & discussed recently - and these are a few that stuck with us over the break!


1. Skill Stacking

Why you should pursue skill stacking over excellence in a single skill 👇
Skill stacking - Mike Crittenden

Image credit: Mike Crittenden

2. Scaling a Design Agency

Joumana Elomar - one of our favourites on all things design, landing pages and agencies - on building Skale to $75K monthly revenue in a year 👇

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3. Generalist Skills

 Wes Kao (read her newsletter, it's excellent) breaking down the murky idea of a 'generalist' into 11 concrete skills worth honing in on 👇  

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4. Free Generative AI Courses

Eric Partaker on 6 free courses to level up on generative AI 👇

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5. The Future of UX Research

Lenny Rachitsky and Judd Antin on why "the UX Research discipline of the last 15 years is dying. The reckoning is here. The discipline can still survive and thrive, but we’d better adapt, and quick" 👇



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