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Negotiating for Yourself


Everyone can be a good negotiator¬†ūü§Ě

Overcome your blockers, find your style and learn strategies you can apply immediately. Get confident negotiating job offers, raises, promotions and more.



Self-paced course

  • Learn with ex-McKinsey consultant & startup founder, Lucy Wark¬†
  • 5+ hours of video lessons¬†
  • 4 expert negotiation demonstrations & debriefs
  • 25+ negotiation tactics
  • Templates to benchmark your salary & build your case
  • 12 month access

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Meet your instructor

Lucy Wark

Co-founder @ Fuzzy, Founder @ NORMAL, Ex-Mckinsey


Lucy studied business & social sciences at Cambridge & the University of Chicago, where she was introduced to negotiation theory: the perfect intersection of her favourite topics!

She began her career serving corporate & government clients at McKinsey & Company, before launching the pioneering Australian sexual wellness brand NORMAL, and negotiating a successful exit from its venture-backed parent company, Eucalyptus.


A word from Lucy: 

"Learning to negotiate was a huge unlock for me¬†- especially working in male-dominated fields, where the ‚Äėgender negotiation gap‚Äô can compound existing inequalities.

I was once described as negotiating "like a Russian accountant" by the (Russian accountant) who just hired me, which I wear as a badge of honour. But seriously - I'm really glad I learned to advocate for myself, and my company.

Think of this course as the perfect introduction to negotiating for yourself as an individual contributor - there’s no knowledge assumed, but you’ll come out feeling confident to negotiate job offers, raises, promotions & other conditions."

Why learn to negotiate?


Negotiations surround us every day, and learning to negotiate has a huge return on investment over your career. 

  • Understand the hidden logic:¬†Learn negotiation theory to help you analyse the issues, plan strategies and handle different styles.¬†
  • Negotiation is an essential 'meta skill':¬†A huge number of work situations are negotiations in disguise - from project management and roadmaps, to hiring, promotions, partnerships, fundraises, contracts, sales and more.
  • It takes time to find a style that works for you:¬†Lots of resources give one-size-fits-all advice, but understanding how our personalities, backgrounds & experiences shape our instincts - and managing how we self-sabotage - is essential.
  • Get results¬†and¬†maintain relationships:¬†Learn how to find win-wins, manage difficult personalities and strengthen your rapport - all while getting a great outcome.
  • Negotiation is a 'muscle':¬†Reading negotiation advice is very different to putting it into practice - good negotiators develop their style by combining theory with practice and feedback.
  • Replace your anxiety with a proven process:¬†Learn a¬†system you can apply to analysing, preparing and responding throughout every negotiation in your role.
A chat of wealth accumulation over time for people that negotiate vs those that don't

Get a sneak peek¬†ūüĎÄ


Explore a series of free video tutorials from Negotiating for Yourself with your instructor Lucy Wark to understand how you'll level up your negotiation skills. 

Negotiation Course Sample

Explore a range of tactics, watch a full mock negotiation & explore a self-diagnostic in this complimentary sample course.

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What students say

Profile picture of Sabrina Zeng, Head of Ecosystems at Fishburners

Sabrina Z.

Head of Ecosystems @ Fishburners

"This course delivered in more ways than I expected. It was dynamically structured and so thoughtfully designed. I was able to genuinely experience the emotions and physical reactions in simulated negotiations, and notice the changes and shifts each week. Lucy creates a space that is intimate, candid, enriching and delightful - and demystifies & breaks down the art of negotiation in such a practical and valuable way."

Profile picture of Liani Strauss, Business Operations at Tracksuit

Liani S.

BizOps @ Tracksuit

"This course is an excellent investment! It exposed me to the skill of negotiation in a practical and approachable way. The course is so much more than just theory. It takes online learning to a new level by providing insights and lessons about the side of negotiation so often forgotten about in books - the emotional barriers of executing your negotiation. The course contains a great mix of tactics, personal experience, practice sessions and learning directly from experts. Highly recommend!"

Profile picture of Edwin Kane, Strategy and Operations Analyst at Mr Yum

Edwin K.

Strategy & Operations @ Mr Yum

"If you feel too guilty or clueless to negotiate, this course will help untangle your preconceptions of negotiation and provide you with the tools you need to feel confident in your next big meeting."

Course overview

Learn to negotiate job offers, raises, promotions & more in this 100% self-paced course, created by expert facilitator & negotiator Lucy Wark. 

What's included?ūüĎá

This course is 100% self-paced and includes:

  • Bite-sized lessons: 5+ hours of easy-to-digest, highly actionable videos
  • 4 mock negotiation demonstrations recorded to illustrate different styles and tactics
  • 5¬†guest debriefs¬†with with diverse experts and operators
  • Over 40 pages of¬†downloadable resources including cheat sheets and playbooks
  • 12 months access to all content and materials
  • An official Fuzzy course certificate and LinkedIn credential

ūüďö¬†What you will learn

This course covers core neogtiation theory and will help you to understand and tackle the 'irrational' factors that get in the way of effective negotiation.


ūü߆¬†Learn the theory
  • Learn¬†the core concepts from negotiation theory, game theory and psychology
  • Understand a broad range of different negotiation styles and their pitfalls
  • Practise how to spot and handle common tactics and avoid common mistakes


ūüĎ謆Learn about yourself
  • Find¬†your natural style through a¬†series of self-diagnostics
  • Conquer your blockers:¬†tackle limiting beliefs, triggers and anxieties that lead you to put off important conversations, say 'yes' to the first offer and leave money on the table


ūü§ď¬†Learn from the experts
  • Get exclusive insight into¬†how diverse experts operate¬†through demo negotiations & debrief sessions
  • Master tone and delivery: learn how experienced negotiators deliver their messages effectively in written and in-person conversations
  • Learn from a range of role models to craft a negotiation persona¬†that‚Äôs effective, authentic & sustainable for you


‚ôĽÔłŹ¬†Learn with a tested process you can trust
  • Use¬†a¬†systematic end-to-end process¬†for preparing and responding as your negotiations unfold
  • Learn how to¬†find relevant benchmarks and criteria¬†to make a bullet-proof case for your desired outcome


‚Źį¬†Learn on your terms¬†
  • Work through over 10 hours of self-paced course content & exercises your own timetable
  • Explore solo, or invite¬†a friend or colleague¬†to tackle the course with you & keep you accountable¬†

Course content

  1. How to Use This Course
  2. Breaking Down Negotiation Structures & Styles 
  3. Basic Negotiation Tactics
  4. Advanced Negotiation Tactics
  5. Benchmarking & Building A Case for Yourself
  6. Auditing Your Strengths & Weaknesses 
  7. Finding Your Negotiation Role Models
  8. Refining Your Personal Style 
  9. Negotiating Under Pressure
  10. Reacting to Surprises
  11. FAQs: Common Salary Negotiation Scenarios
  12. End-to-End Negotiation Prep Checklist
Video Poster Image

Includes videos, quizzes & 40-page workbook, covering: 

  1. Your Conflict Style 
  2. Your Identities, Values & Experiences 
  3. How You Self-Sabotage 
  4. Your Limiting Beliefs 
  5. Your Triggers 
  6. Your Window of Tolerance
  7. Your Target Persona 
Mock negotiations 

Practice first with a partner, then watch a diverse group of experts demonstrate their approaches with your instructor Lucy: 

  • Negotiating a job offer
  • Negotiating a raise & other terms within a role¬†
  • Negotiating with difficult personalities &¬†factual disagreements
  • Negotiating with multiple stakeholders & issues


"This course is the perfect mix of rational strategy and self-reflection to help beginner negotiators manage their negotiations.

You'll get access to great tactics and have the time and space to practice and hone their use.

Lucy is a gold star instructor and negotiator, so you'll be in expert hands. I can't recommend it enough, now get negotiating!"


Maxwell Hogue, Strategist @ Interbrand

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Maxwell Hogue, Strategist at Interbrand